How long should light bulb last? If a light bulb have a rated life of 1,000 hours, would it lasts exactly that long. The bulb rated life is the median time and the lamp life is usually reduced due to switching cycles, where light is constantly switch on/off.

Incandescent Bulb: 1,000hrs

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) : 6,000hrs

2ft& 4ft Fluorescent Lamp : 8,000hrs

Halogen Lamp: 3,000hrs

Xenon Lamp : 6,000hrs

Metal Halide Lamp : 10,000hrs

Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide Lamp : 12,000hrs

Mercury Vapor Lamp : 24,000hrs

High Pressure Sodium Lamp : 10,000hrs

Low Pressure Sodium Lamp : 18,000hrs

Induction Lamp : 100,000hrs

Neon Lamp : 20,000hrs

LED Lamp : 50,000hrs