There are numerous lighting products on the market and often our customer wonder which brand is suitable for them. Our product feature below illustrate why you should choose VOME LED Lighting

Illumination Feature
  • VOME Brilliant Light
    - Special design optics used in all our lighting make your furniture and decoration come to life with stunning visual statement

  • VOME True Brightest
    - 30% brighter than other LED lighting of the same wattage

  • Glare-Free Lighting
    - Our diffused design in our lights are non glaring and comfortable for all general usage

  • No Blue Tint for Eye Safety
    - Essential to maintaining normal, healthy physiology, less eye fatigue and sleep problems

  • Adequate Field of Illumination
    - Our lighting provide a soft uniform light and 30% wider field of illumination coverage

  • High CRI & Full Spectrum Lighting
    - Superior color rendering that emulates natural light - whites are whiter, blues are true blue and reds are more vibrant

Technical Feature
  • VOME Flicker Free Illumination
    - Highest operation frequency means no headaches or less eye fatigue

  • Long Operating Lamp Life
    - Engineered and built to run 24/7 reliably

  • High Efficiency Electronics
    - Only robust and reliable electronics are used with proven technologies

  • Variety of Colors Temperature Available
    - Variety of color temperature available for demanding applications

  • Solid State Design
    - Rugged design with drop, shock resistant and reliable performance

  • Supports Frequent On/Off Light Switching
    - Tested Million cycle ON /OFF operation

  • Mercury & Lead Free and RoHS Compliant
    - Environmental friendly material used.

  • Manufacturing Quality
    - Made in Singapore under stringent quality control